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Sports medicine verb To undertake a 30+ minute-session of usually isometric exercise–eg, weight-lifting, treadmill 'work,' rowing, other muscle training, often in a gym or health club. See Culture Vox populi verb To resolve a problem.
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In athletics, a practice, conditioning, or training session.
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Patient discussion about workout

Q. What do you eat after a workout? What do you recommend a person eat after a cardio session? what about a lifting session?

A. I hear swimming is good for you also. Very low impact and the benefits are amazing.

Q. Is beer a good post-workout drink? We have an argument here within our friends. Please settle our argument. Is beer a good post-workout drink?

A. no, beer is not good for you after a workout.

Q. What is a best home workout for weight loss around the stomach and waist? I can't go outside a lot, so I do Pilates. I want to know more workouts for weight loss.

A. There is no natural way to target your stomach fat. You can pay for lipo suction, but that is the easy and expensive way out. Plus if you don't put the work into it then you won't appreciate the results as much.

I would focus on a total body fat loss program. Combining cardio with resistance training and sprinkling in some high intensity interval training is a great way to boost your fat loss. Then focus on eating healthier. Start off slowly though so that you don't get overwhelmed and feel like quitting. Go for walks, eat a few meals a day that are healthier with fruits and veggies, then eat regularly for the rest of the day. The point is to gradually transform your habits into healthier ones.

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A hip-swivelling aerobic work-out set to sexy Latin music.
The work-outs are designed to increase your heart rate, burn calories and promote cardio fitness, and can be tailored for complete beginners or more advanced students who want to push their bodies harder.
Along with her trainers, Mark and Jackie, she will motivate you with mix-andmatch work-outs that target specific areas of your body.
The All Blacks stage regular public work-outs, often attracting four-figure crowds, but the Lions have never previously embarked on such a venture.
As efforts to get the nation fitter and more active continued, the new regime shows how people can incorporate exercise into their everyday lives if they cannot find time to go to the gym for more strenuous work-outs. Routinetics, created by medical insurance company PruHealth, is described as 'physical exertion as part of the daily routine to help maintain health and fitness'.
Traditionally, strength and conditioning coaches recommend that you split up the two types of work-outs on separate days or at least by several hours.
FRIDAY 5PM: Evelyne, the gym instructor whose classes resemble army work-outs, is taking a lethargic group through their paces.
To successfully manage an in-house financing program, you need a credit department to analyze transactions; legal and documentation capabilities to prepare contracts and filings for regulatory agencies; collections to establish policies for and implement work-outs; accounting to handle billings and generate tax and year-end reports; and customer service to respond to myriad customer requests.
While this arrangement can provide institutional clients with sophisticated transactional services, including property disposition, mergers and acquisitions, portfolio management, and work-outs, both firms will continue to offer their autonomous, traditional services.
But unless your children are running marathons--or performing some other continuous exercise for one or two hours at a stretch--they don't need sports drinks to restore lost electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chlorine, and phosphorus) either during or after their work-outs.
She represents commercial banks, REITs, insurance companies and private equity investors in commercial real estate financing transactions and investments, including balance sheet financings; permanent and bridge loan originations; mezzanine financing and other subordinate financings; construction loans; loan participation, syndications and other co-lender arrangements; and work-outs and restructurings.
According to the Guardian, England are monitoring Trott's progress, and he will be given two work-outs in the nets between now and Friday evening, when the selectors will take a decision about whether he is fit enough to be included.