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A computer or television monitor with controls for studying and manipulating graphical or clinical images.
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CDs and workbooks on world music can be enjoyed at a work station, as can recordings of great music.
Free standing work station bridge cranes are built for smooth operation.
A critical adjunct to treatment during this period is the work station, a trial work experience utilized at the Center to assess cognitive and psychosocial carry-over to a functional work setting.
The Bard (1988) and Tang and Denardo (1988a, 1988b) models search for optimum solutions to simplified problems such as a single manufacturing work station in work flow-dominated environments and often at the expense of computing power and simplicity.
Next we'll track costs to the work station, a level that's especially important because the manager can exert direct control over it.
Thorne, which also supplied all ducting for the installation, sited the Polytex unit alongside the work station in this instance.
A multi-functional work station to explore extraterrestrial surfaces from a space station, or from Earth, would save billions of dollars and eliminate some of the dangers of sending out a manned mission.
Why you should care: Work Station is designed to be a complete curing system that allows viewing of the curing process, is height adjustable and can accommodate various part sizes.
* lower the task time at each work station to process the same volume of castings (50% labor reduction possible);