work of breathing

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work of breathing (WOB)

the effort required to inspire air into the lungs. WOB accounts for 5% of total body oxygen consumption in a normal resting state but can increase dramatically during acute illness.

work of breath·ing

(wŏrk brēdh'ing)
The total expenditure of energy necessary to accomplish the act of breathing; may be computed in terms of the pulmonary pressure multiplied by the change in pulmonary volume, or in terms of the oxygen cost of breathing (i.e., the O2 consumption above basal metabolic O2 use attributable to breathing).

work of breathing

Abbreviation: WOB
The amount of effort used to expand the lungs. It is determined by lung and thoracic compliance, airway resistance, and the use of accessory muscles for inspiration or forced expiration. It is measured in joules/L, joules/min and sometimes kg/m/min. The measurement of the WOB is analogous to the typical description of work in physics (work = force x distance). In respiratory physiology, work = pressure x volume.
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This treatment is intended to improve gas exchange, to relieve respiratory distress, to facilitate lung healing, and to reduce the work of breathing.
Future studies are needed to focus on measured work of breathing as a possible target for ventilatory strategies in patients with ETT and tracheostomy tubes.
This inspiratory assist is selected to overcome the increased work of breathing imposed by the disease process, ET, the inspiratory valves and other mechanical aspects of ventilatory support.
It seems therefore, that the goal of early mobilization following SCI to prevent complications such as venous stasis, gastric ileus, urinary stasis and skin breakdown, may actually compromise pulmonary status during spinal shock by increasing the work of breathing and decreasing lung expansion which may contribute to atelectasis.
The goals of ventilation include oxygenation, lung protection, reduced work of breathing, acid-base balance and that the patient should be comfortable on the ventilator.
Results of Pressure Support * Increase tidal volume * Increase minute ventilation * Decreases accesory muscle use * Decreases work of breathing
The first sign that he had improved was that his work of breathing lessened.
Used as weaning mode, to augment patient's spontaneous efforts, and decrease the work of breathing.
Effects of heat and moisture exchangers on minute ventilation, ventilatory drive, and work of breathing during pressure-support ventilation in acute respiratory failure.
The mixture of helium and oxygen delivers nebulization deeper and faster into the lungs and has been shown to ease the work of breathing in adults," Dr.
Other studies have shown that, compared with conventional CPAP devices, infant flow devices result in a reduced oxygen requirement, decrease the work of breathing, and sometimes decrease extubation failure.
However, the symptoms have grown worse over the 2 preceding clays and now include a worsening cough, increased work of breathing, and tachypnea.