Thomas, English sculptor, 1826-1892. See: Woolner tip.
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Oxford; Thomas Woolner, by whom sold, Christie's, 12 June 1875, no.72, where bought by J.H.
The other man whose statue has been allowed to stand in the city was Alfred Woolner, the founder of Government College Lahore.
Dr Andrea Woolner said yesterday she was "absolutely delighted" to discover she had been awarded a PhD at Aberdeen University.
A man fired a pump action shotgun at the Palms Hotel in the Darwin suburb of Woolner in the late afternoon, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.
He moved to Stuart Park, where he fired more shots before progressing towards Woolner. The police believe that he was the lone shooter in the incident.
The study, led by clinical lecturer Dr Andrea Woolner, examined data from more than 26,000 pairs of mothers and daughters.
Kevin Smith and Romilly Woolner, both Margetts Wealth; Steve
The statute of Woolner the registrar of the first major seat of learning still stands there but surrounded by pigeons not students as it used to be in the fifties, sixties and seventies.
Woolner sets out to change the narrative in The Last 100 Days.
POW was founded by former Monster Energy and Capri Sun head of sales Ed Woolner, and has won backing from former executives from Diageo and Red Bull.
Front: Sian Lauren Woolner, Nicola McWilliam, Julie Catherine Haining and Simon Michael Treacher.