Thomas, English sculptor, 1826-1892. See: Woolner tip.
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Swedberg later repaid the Woolner family, providing many of the photos for brother Frank's books on grouse and woodcock.
Pamela Woolner, Green Party Candidate, European Election 2004.
Jacqui and MA research graduate Alex Woolner believe their room will also be used as a diagnostic tool for the many degrees of autism.
Department of Justice -- Jabari Simama, Executive Director, Mayor's Office of Community Technology, Atlanta -- John Sugg, Creative Loafing -- Ann Woolner, Bloomberg News
PAMELA WOOLNER, North East of England Green Party, Wansbeck Street, Chopwell
Those invited to participate include: sports columnist and author Furman Bisher; former Journal editor Durwood McAllister; Pulitizer Prize winner George Goodwin; the last great Journal icon Herb Steel; novelist Terry Kay; Jim Minter; former reporters Ann Woolner, Lee Walburn, Paul Hemphill, Raleigh Byrans, Jeff Dickerson and Dick Williams; as well as the last Journal editorial page editor, Jim Wooten.
Woolner LB, Beahrs OH, Black BM, McConahey WM, Keating FR.
Woolner was a WWII veteran serving with the 9th Air Force, 10th Photo Reconnaissance Group in England, France and Germany.
Savidge, a CNN national correspondent; and Ann Woolner,
In addition to his wife of 58 years, Marjorie (McLaughlin) Keller, he is survived by his four daughters; his sister, Ivon Woolner and her husband, Jack, of Shrewsbury; 10 grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.
The Alliance for Converging Technologies was founded in 1994 by Don Tapscott, David Ticoll, Alex Lowy and Paul Woolner, and today works with a roster of blue-chip companies, educational institutions, government organizations, and others on strategies for gaining competitive advantage in the digital economy.
Duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive from Dinah Beach Road to Woolner Road.