Thomas, English sculptor, 1826-1892. See: Woolner tip.
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This band of what became seven, including painter James Collinson and sculptor Thomas Woolner, vowed, in the words of Rossetti's brother, the writer William Michael, 'to study Nature attentively' and to avoid mannerisms introduced by Raphael and exemplified most perniciously in the paintings of Joshua Reynolds.
73) Seven years later, in Woolner v Canada ("Woolner"), the Federal Court of Appeal cited McBurney for the proposition that "a gift, within the meaning of the common law, is a voluntary transfer of property from one person to another gratuitously and not as the result of a contractual obligation without anticipation or expectation of material benefit".
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The critical edition builds on that of Srikanth Kaul, which was published in 1967 in Hoshiarpur (Vishveshvaranand Institute Publication 432 = Woolner Indological Series 7).
Asia Risk editor Aaron Woolner acknowleged Deutsche Banks RMB flows and structuring expertise, crediting the banks insight and skill in RMB.
Woolner, "Surgical treatment of mediastinal tumors: a 40-year experience," Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, vol.
Beyond a few important but basic elements--such as the electoral strength of local incumbents (Kushner, Siegel, and Stanwick 1997), the distinction between full-time and part-time councillors (Sancton and Woolner 1990), and the representativeness of local politicians (Gidengil and Vengroff 1997, Tremblay and Mellevec 2013)--we have little more than anecdotes to guide us.
Diolch yn fawr hefyd i Hilary Woolner, Dyffryn Tanat am adrodd hanes y fran glyfar yn yr orsaf betrol yn codi'r bag plastig fesul dipyn o'r bin sbwriel nes roedd yn medru cyrraedd at y bwyd ac wedyn yn ei rannu a'r brain eraill oedd ar lawr.
The judges at this year's competition include Zuma executive chef Reif Othman, Emirates senior vice president of aircraft catering Robin Padgett, Jean George Dubai executive chef Colin Clague, and Chef Middle East operations manager Bruce Woolner.
Like Kukonen and Woolner, his flyfishing passion extended to saltwater for stripers on our southern coastline and Rhode Island.
As William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and James Collinson began to make their names exhibiting paintings, and Thomas Woolner embarked on a career as a sculptor, it fell to the two remaining P.
Participatory mapping methods within the critical paradigm of educational research were developed because they empower participants in their embeddedness in the social practices of their everyday lives (Literat, 2013; Woolner et al.