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In general, to address Woolf reforms companies should:
Lawrence draws parallels between the Woolf reforms and legislation being debated in the European Union regarding digital signatures and service provider liabilities.
Ms Sue Green, head of litigation at Eversheds' Birmingham office, said: 'The Woolf reforms have had a significant impact on the way lawyers have handled disputes over the past 12 months.
Litigation experts at Martineau Johnson have seen their caseload for company and institutional clients increase since the Woolf reforms were implemented last year, despite the fact that they are taking fewer cases to court.
Complaints about the efficacy and benefits of the Woolf reforms "are unfair, unfounded and unlikely to further the cause of creditors", according to Mr Stephen Lewis, president of the Credit Services Association, the body which represents the UK debt-collection industry.
Head of the newly launched commercial dispute resolution department at Gateley Wareing, Mr Steve Goodrham, said: "We will soon be one year on from the introduction of the Woolf Reforms to speed up the process of resolving disputes in the court and to ensure that legal costs remain appropriate to the sums at stake.
Lawyers will be forced to encourage their clients to mediate instead of ushering them through the courts, as changes introduced by the Woolf reforms begin to bite.
Insurers feeling pressure of increased workloads under the new Woolf Reforms are set to benefit from a specialised service being offered by Birmingham and West Bromwich-based law firm Putsmans.
The situation is only now beginning to improve following the recent Woolf reforms. These radical changes should be given a chance to work before the system is consigned to the scrap heap only months after having a 120 year service.
"The latest revisions under the Woolf Reforms had arrived.
Mr Paul Murray, managing partner at the firm's Birmingham office, said: "The Woolf reforms are designed with the specific aim of speeding the whole litigation process up."
Companies who self-insure or handle their own insurance claims could face penalties if they fail to adhere to the Woolf Reforms, warned Ms Jayne Willets of Edge Ellison.