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A video on YouTube inspired Jimenez to follow the still-untrodden path of wood turning in the Philippines.
Rhodri Clark: Metal lathes:Turning metal is a different experience from wood turning. It's about precision rather than freehand work.
Said Mr Carter: "The new wood turning machine is cutting edge technology which will drastically improve both effi-ciency and productivity and make us significantly more competitive as a business.
They included wood turning, spinning, wire weaving, stained glass art, silk painting, greetings card making and stick-making.
Customers also bought cheese, wines, cakes, beers, jewellery, leather goods, art, photos, wood turning, cards, wooden toys and handbags.
In the summer spectacular primary school pupils will wear Nordic costumes and take part in daily Viking tasks such as food preparation, weaponry, cooking, rearing animals, weaving and wood turning.
We hire the workshop on a Monday for wood turning and on a Thursday for wood carving, so I took it to the club and we all decided we would work on it and then donate it to the orphanage where it will be taken in October by the charity Support for Romania.
Whately, who played henpecked Neville in the classic TV show, joined in with workshops demonstrating crafts such as stone carving and wood turning for yesterday's event at Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
And I'm never going to be able to retire in luxury.It's a difficult life financially but it's rewarding in other ways,and in winter I supplement my income by teaching wood turning to adult learners at Ysgol Brynhyfrydd,Ruthin.
In just one evening a week Pauline Jones has turned her hand to cabinet making, French polishing and wood turning.
Other activities are bird box making, pond dipping, wood turning and art sessions