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Paul, U.S. cardiologist, 1907-1962. See: Wood units.


Robert, U.S. physicist, 1868-1955. See: Wood glass, Wood lamp, Wood light.


(origin unknown).
Romberg-Wood syndrome - see under Romberg, E


n one of the five phases, or elements, in Chinese cosmologic and medical theory, the characteristic manifestations of which include anger, assertiveness, competition, conflict, creativity, frustration, and leadership.
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This explains that the Malay wood carvings have long historical and cultural standings.
Wood carving is a heritage of Kashmir, various types of woods, including rare walnut wood, are engraved with sleek and rich designs.
Mohammad Abdelqader also works on wood carvings and shares the same concerns as Bilani.
That partnership is dissolving, Valasek said, so last year he created Carveture to focus instead on fine-art wood carving.
In the contemporary art world, work featuring (or even originating from) the prairie states is about as popular as wood carving, but both figured prominently in Aaron Spangler's recent exhibition.
He has a degree in psychology, wood carving talents, and Indian heritage, and Jenna is proud of who he is, but is ashamed of where he is.
D Is For Dragon Dance is an alphabet picturebook about the theme of Chinese New Year's festivities, from the importance of connecting with family ("G is for Grandma and Grandpa") to New Year's customs ("O is for Oranges"--they are given as a sign of good fortune) to protections against evil spirits ("X is for Xylograph", a wood carving on the door meant to keep evil spirits out).
He'd rather be home with Theodora and their three dogs, studying video, reading, or pursuing his passions outside of football, which have ranged over the years from cultivating orchids and wood carving to fly-fishing and wine-making.
Another man was painting and assembling an intarsia wood carving as a Christmas gift for a loved one.
Here is a wonderful thing - a wood carving out of a tree stump.
With more than 750 stocked styles of paint and stain ready Decorative Wood & Polymer Carvings available at the absolute lowest prices, we're pretty confident that we have just the right wood carving for your cabinet and furniture applications.
Pitman began to experiment in wood carving around this time, although it is not known exactly when he began.