Wood's light

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electromagnetic radiation with a range of wavelength between 390 (violet) and 770 (red) nanometers, capable of stimulating the subjective sensation of sight; sometimes considered to include ultraviolet and infrared radiation as well.
idioretinal light (intrinsic light) the sensation of light in the complete absence of external stimuli.
polarized light light of which the vibrations are made over one plane or in circles or ellipses.
Wood's light ultraviolet radiation from a mercury vapor source, transmitted through a nickel-oxide filter (Wood's filter or glass), which holds back all but a few violet rays and passes ultraviolet rays of wavelength around 365 nm; used in diagnosis of fungal infections of the scalp and erythrasma, and to reveal the presence of porphyrins and fluorescent minerals.
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Based on Wood's light examination, melasma was classified as epidermal and dermal types.
The Craie selection is built with light-colored wood from trees growing in the chalky soils of Champagne and North Chablis, and given a medium-light toast to match the wood's light texture.
All numerical response variables, including age, weight, were expressed as mean +- Standard Deviation, and all categorical variables including gender, clinical type, tinea elsewhere on body, Ide eruption, Wood's light examination and culture results were presented as frequencies and percentages.
Properties that make Western hemlock a popular choice, according to the USDA Forest Service, include the wood's light color, lack of pitch and its ability to take a varnish finish well.