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A slang acronym for waste of money, brains and time—something which is regarded as uninteresting and/or useless
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The sand which lies on the limestone and under the soil, or which fills up hollows in the rocks, is a famous resort for the Wombats. These pig headed, pig bodied and pig sized marsupials are fat, chu bby sort of creatures, keeping very bad hours, for they sport about at night, but affording a delicious supper for the Blacks, and not despicable to the palate of Whites.
The Wombats play the Limelight 1 in Belfast this coming Tuesday March 13.
As the tiny, pink baby wombat let out a piercing cry, Linda Tabone cradled the orphan as she prepared a bottle of special formula milk.
Returning to the stage for a three-song encore, The Wombats wrapped up with some of their biggest hits - including Let's Dance to Joy Division.
Liverpool trio The Wombats head to the Birmingham Institute on September 25 as part of their UK tour
The oldest wombat in Australia at 29 years old has become the most popular animal on social media right now.
Blessed with a deep pitching staff, the Wombats have been successful because of Gibbons on the mound, in addition to Connor Gill, Tanyon Ventres, Kevin Witmer and Ryan Jones.
? The Wombats, plus All The Young, Delamere Forest, July 8, 03000 680400, forestry.gov.uk
University of Adelaide researcher Wayne Boardman said the non-native toxic potato weed appeared to be affecting the wombats livers, triggering a reaction with ultraviolet light that caused them to lose their fur.