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William H., English physician and physicist, 1766-1828. See: Wollaston doublet, Wollaston theory.
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Come to think of it, Mr Wollaston is right: I hate him.
But Ms Wollaston wrote: "I am sorry to tell you we have decided that it is not possible for you to be married at Besses.
Wollaston Road, where the incident took place, was closed off after a minor crash which happened after the suspected attack.
Soon after her release from the Magdalen House, Mary Wollaston died, reportedly from "exposure, degradation, and a broken heart."(6) As evident in what might be called "the tragedy of Mary Wollaston," public debate surrounding the rise of the Workingmen's Party of California expressed concerns about wage labor, class division, and racial otherness, but it also revealed deep anxieties about white manhood and white womanhood, and about the relationship between white women and work.
She said: "Police were called to Kent Road, Wollaston, at 7.40am today to reports that a woman was being attacked by a man who had driven a car into the front of her house.
Dr Wollaston, Tory MP for Totnes, Devon, added: "It is crucial that those at the top of NHS Digital have an understanding of the ethical principles underpinning confidentiality."
And Ms Wollaston warned in a letter to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt: "If the detail of a transition period is delayed beyond March 2018, more businesses will be forced to invest money in contingency plans at the expense of funding going towards advancing patient care."
Dr Wollaston said the plan was "far too extreme", coming in the middle of what is traditionally the busiest period of the year for the NHS.
Wollaston told the Observer that reports which had been commissioned by government and paid for by taxpayers should be made available at the earliest opportunity on matters of such clear public interest.
THE Conservatives announced that Dr Sarah Wollaston has won the first ever open postal vote of an entire constituency to select a parliamentary candidate.