Gunnar, Swedish neurologist, 1910-1961. See: Wohlfart-Kugelberg-Welander disease.
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La co-creacion se materializa a traves de tecnicas con esquema presencial como Knowledge SAFARI, Cognitive Edge Methods, por mencionar algunas (Samad, Wohlfart, & Wolf, 2007).
Freytag's valiant chief protagonist, Anton Wohlfart, leaves the well-ordered world of Germany behind in order to interact with a Polish, Eastern realm that represents one of "the only spaces left for the individual to engage in creative, heroic action.
8) This is the approach of Erwin Oberlander and Kristine Wohlfart, eds.
3) Friedrich Nietzsche, Fragmentos postumos: una seleccion, edicion de Gunter Wohlfart, traduccion de Joaquin Chamorro Mielke (Madrid, Abada, 2004), fragmento 9 [35] (primavera-verano de 1887).
Wohlfart had treated stars like Boris Becker, Linford Christie and Daley Thompson.
Kewell has endured groin, ankle, Achilles and stomach injuries, all of which have ruled him out for long periods, and forced him to seek help from top German doctor Hans Muller Wohlfart.
Subs: Wohlfart, Ogris, Stoger, Hatz, Artalija, Kitzeichler, Sabitzer.
LOVESICK Steffen Wohlfart admits he might have to quit Ross County this summer because he can't bear to be apart from his sweetheart.
Owen will visit a top muscle injury specialist again next week - probably Dr Hans Muller Wohlfart, who has treated Owen twice in the past.
Rangers are showing an interest in pounds 500,000-rated Stuttgart keeper Franz Wohlfart, but Liverpool are also in the hunt.
Bayern Munich - Aumann, Grahammer, Pflugler, Johnsen, Augenthaler, Flick, Kogl, Reuter, Wohlfart, Thon, Ekstrom.