Wohlfahrt, Peter

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Peter, German medical writer, d. 1726.
Wohlfahrtia - a genus of larviparous dipterous flesh flies of which some species' larvae breed in ulcerated surfaces and flesh wounds of humans and animals.
Wohlfahrtia magnifica - widely distributed obligatory flesh fly whose tissue-destroying maggots invade wounds or head cavities of humans and domestic animals.
Wohlfahrtia nuba - a facultative flesh fly of Old World distribution, found in head wounds or cavities but not in dermal sores.
Wohlfahrtia opaca - Synonym(s): Wohlfahrtia vigil
Wohlfahrtia vigil - produces cutaneous myiasis in human infants in the northern U.S. and southern Canada by larvae that penetrate the skin and cause boillike lesions. Synonym(s): Wohlfahrtia opaca
wohlfahrtiosis - infection of humans and animals with larvae of flies of the genus Wohlfahrtia.
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