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A creature appearing in the mythology of the Algonquian people who are native to northern US and Canada, who is malevolent, cannibalistic and capable of transforming or possessing humans
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Eine ausfuhrliche Analyse des Witiko wurde einen weiteren Artikel beanspruchen.
So hat ein Flirt zwischen Witiko und Heinrichs Tochter nichts mehr mit Romeo-und-Julia-Romantik, sondern eher mit einer grammatik-inszenierenden Sammlung von Attributen zu tun.
And a good book has come about in the process, thoroughly to be recommended, even if that is more than can be said -- on the strength of it -- of Witiko.
It is good to find Witiko included, and Wolfgang Wiesmuller's piece on the motif of the Danube boat journey through the narrows is one of the liveliest in the volume (he might have mentioned Stifter's own paintings of dangerous river narrows).
In Witiko and "Der fromme Spruch," however, we no longer encounter manic collectors [.
Moreover, Witiko explicitly tells us that silence can be as eloquent as words: 'Wenn niemand mehr sprechen will, muss die Antwort durch Schweigen geschehen' (5,1: 149).