Withdrawal of Life Support

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The discontinuation of aggressive life support measures and/or withdrawal of feeding and ventilation
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Allowing the use of death-inducing drugs to ensure organ procurement within one hour of withdrawal of life support ultimately protects patient autonomy by allowing "Anne" type patients to accept a certain level of harm to guarantee that their organs will be donated.
Increasing incidence of withholding and withdrawal of life support from critically ill.
A physician withdrawing life support would therefore only have to follow directive instructions if withdrawal of life support is a "personal service" as defined in s.
For example, the Golubchuk decision questions whether patients have rights to continued medical treatment and whether withdrawal of life support violates the Charter rights of patients.
Ferrand E, Robert R, Ingrand P, Lemaire E Withholding and withdrawal of life support in intensive-care units in France: a prospective survey.
What may be more surprising is that for most of these millions of people, rather than dying while on life support, death followed the withdrawal of life support.
Truog (as above) also states that "qualified individuals who had given their consent, could simply have their organs removed under general anesthesia, without first undergoing an orchestrated withdrawal of life support, and that anencephalics could be similarly treated.
The withdrawal of life support in adult intensive care: An evaluative review of the literature.
Under these protocols, dying patients undergo the controlled withdrawal of life support.
Death, as a result of withdrawal of life support is common (Kjerulf, Regehr, Popova, & Baker, 2005; Van Rooyen, Elfick, & Strumpher, 2005).
Recommendation: That the following measure should be added to CMS conditions of participation: Hospitals shall notify OPOs prior to withdrawal of life support to a patient, so as to determine the patient's potential for organ donation.