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Drug slang A regional street term for various drugs—e.g., heroin; cocaine
Paranormal A shaman in the Middle Ages who peddled cures, spells, hexes
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The former army officer said that he inherited the work as a witch-doctor from his father in 1962 and is certain his rite will help favour Obama in the US elections.
Ecuador's players have been dancing to salsa music in the dressing-room ahead of their World Cup matches but it's the presence of their witch-doctor which has been the talk of Germany.
Referring to a poem "about Prophet Jones" ("Witch-Doctor"), Hayden tells Gendron of his seeking the dramatic, the "element of mystery" in people: "There is a kind of mystery--there is something that lies beneath the appearance they present.
A POTION made by an African witch-doctor who has fathered 23 children is being heralded as the new Viagra.
Jacques, a rank open sewer that serves as an unholy baptismal for devil worshippers, Good and Evil took the physical form of two seething Haitian men -- one, a Christian preacher and, the other, a voodoo witch-doctor.
Witch-doctor Nicholas Gcaleka last night claimed that spirits have pin- pointed the last resting place of his ancestor's head...
When they arrive in Njombe after the war they discover the lions' killing spree has gone unchecked for 13 years because the villagers believe the animals are actually men in lion form and are under the control of the local witch-doctor.
Just because a witch-doctor appears, it does not mean he can be directly related to the mythical witch-doctor of racist legend; he is a witch-doctor within the transforming laws and structure of [the comics].
Earl Spencer was caught on camera during a secret visit to a witch-doctor in the African bush.
And after Kenya's nine-month unbeaten run towards a decisive World Cup qualifier, the Nigerian government refused entry to their witch-doctor for the match between the two nations.
National opinion polls have shown a neck-and-neck race for the White House but President Barack Obama would be re-elected as the President for the second term if a Kenyan witch-doctor's prediction of U.S.
The debate brought back memories for me of different places where I served; the murderous witch-doctors who would kill anyone from another tribe; the public firingsquads with great crowds of spectators; my next-door neighbour shot dead; the non-payment of a bus fare which resulted in 250 deaths; the people who tried to kill me, and more.