Hans, Swiss pediatrician, 1906-1983. See: Wissler syndrome.
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The arrival of a Huey as our third test platform frames a key point for future customers - the TALOS system is platform agnostic; you're not buying a new fleet of helicopters, you're buying a capability set for your current fleet," said John Wissler, Vice President of Aurora's R&D Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
According to Jordan Wissler, general sales manager at Volkswagen of Rochester, "any compensation would be great, but from a business perspective, we've made our adjustments internally to weather this particular storm and I think we've done it well.
En suma, la generacion de jerarquias de los linajes asociados con cerros y apachetas va en concordancia con su ubicacion espacial principal y secundaria, pues delimitan un orden y estructura en el territorio, al cual se afilian los comuneros andinos (Poole, 1982; Marzal, 1992; Gutmann, 1993; Wissler, 2010).
Inbau (1935), Stephens (1981), and Slovenko (2005) were not experimental research, Saks and Wissler (1984) was a survey study about expert testimony's impact (measuring the expert's honesty, competence, or prospective jurors' level of agree with them), and Brekke et al.
Wissler, commander of III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF), assumed command of JTF 505, which established operations in the Philippines on November 18 and reached full operational capability on November 20.
Nonetheless, the Borthwick and Wissler (2003) review of the explicit development of generic skills in PhD students in 34 Australian universities revealed a sharp increase in programmes targeting skill development, largely prompted by university strategic directions.
On November 11, 1940, 20-year-old Dennis Wissler was one of those pilots and his fiance Edith Heath, then 21, was one of the plotters back at base.
The girls' group was loosely based on an earlier group called the Junior Auxiliary, which kind of went dry quite a few years ago," says Christine Wissler, one of three Girls' League leaders and wife of the Rev.
US Lt Gen John Wissler, commander of the III Marine Expeditionary
Wissler has shown in his multicenter study, published in 1991, that risk factors contribute to the faster progression of the CHD, especially if they are cumulated.

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