Johann G., German anatomist in Padua, Italy, 1589-1643. See: Wirsung canal, Wirsung duct.
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Abdominal computed tomography (Figure 1) revealed a heterogeneous tumor of 83/130/100 mm, predominantly cystic, belonging to the head of the pancreas, in close contact with the superior mesenteric vein and spleno-mesenteric vein (on a length of over 55 mm), narrowing the vessels without thrombosis; Wirsung duct was dilated (10 mm in diameter); peritumoral lymphadenopathies were noted.
The Wirsung duct was found in the remnant pancreas and a stent was placed, then retro-colic Wirsung-jejunostomy, hepaticojejunostomy, and gastrojejunostomy anastomoses were made intra-corporeally (Figure 1, 2).
In PD, the ventral (Wirsung) duct opens into the major papilla without merging with the dorsal (Santorini) duct.
In the cases where the leak flow rate does not fall, endoscopic stent placement into the duct of Wirsung was performed.
Adaptation for EPS was based on clinical symptoms (e.g., abdominal pain), presence of pancreatic duct stones in the Santorini or Wirsung ducts, detection of upstream MPD dilatation by diagnostic imaging (ultrasonography, contrast enhanced computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography), and the presence or absence of abdominal complaints with exacerbation of glucose tolerance and diabetic mellitus.
In accordance with this classification, type 2, in which the duct of Wirsung encircles the duodenum but drains at the major papilla, corresponds with our case [18].
In accordance with that, we can say that the pancreatic hydatid cysts may compress Wirsung's duct or rupture into it, which produces acute pancreatitis.
Surgical management of intraductal papillary mucinous tumors of the pancreas: the role of routine frozen section of the surgical margin, intraoperative endoscopic staged biopsies of the Wirsung duct, and pancreaticogastric anastomosis.
The main pancreatic duct (Wirsung duct) consists of the entire duct of the ventral bud and the distal part of the duct of the dorsal bud.