base station

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base sta·tion

(bās stā'shŭn)
1. General term used for the emergency medical service radio console in a hospital emergency department. Also used to refer to a hospital that provides direct medical control to prehospital providers.
2. A hospital that provides direct medical control to prehospital providers.
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base station

A local or regional command and control center for emergency medical services.
See also: station
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Wireless base station functions rely on a Central Unit (CU) that processes data and Distributed Units (DU) that send and receive radio waves.
This model for wireless base station goodput evaluation in vehicular communication systems is useful and cost-effective for analysis processes in wireless data networks prior to conducting field trials.
Portable electronic products could be charged anywhere in a room that is equipped with the wireless base station. The researchers have applied for patents on the concept and are constructing a prototype they hope to be ready within a year.
With the PM7815 PALADIN Digital Correction Signal Processor already shipping in production OEM systems, PMC-Sierra has further solidified its role as a key vendor for 3G Wireless Base Station silicon.
This connector is well-suited for a variety of military and commercial applications and can be used in radar systems, telecommunications and wireless base station equipment, satellite systems and antenna arrays.
The trial will examine providing high-speed broadband connections via a fixed wireless base station located in the rural trial area.
Best Buy: Microsoft 2.4-GHz Wireless Base Station, model MN-700, $69.99
Test-rated materials are available for use in specific types of equipment, including electronic and electrical equipment, wireless base station enclosures, automotive and transportation equipment, household appliances and office machines, food preparation equipment, and for medical and cleanroom components and processes.
Compaq Computer Corp will today announce details of its wireless LAN range, including its first wireless base station product and upgraded PC cards.
Ethernity has already incorporated the IPSec suite on multiple customer platforms, including an SD-WAN solution, uCPE implementations at the edge of the network, and a 5G wireless base station.
The control room will remain operative round the clock during fire season with Telephone No.2855513 and wireless base station, One Forest Guard/ Forester of Protection Range will be on duty round the clock at Control Room in addition to the Wireless Operation, will work under the supervision of Duty Officer.

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