Wire Loop Lesion

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A light microscopic finding in renal biopsies which is characterised by capillary walls thickened with subendothelial immune complex deposits, located between the glomerular basement membrane and capillary endothelium


very thin metal rod or thread.

interdental wire
placed around teeth adjacent to a mandibular or maxillary fracture to provide stabilization.
interfragmentary wire
may be used to stabilize the position of fracture fragments.
Kirschner wire
see kirschner wire.
wire loop lesion
thickening of the glomerular basement membrane in glomerular tufts by deposition of immune complexes; seen in membranous glomerulonephritis.
wire saw
very tough, braided steel wire used in obstetrics to cut through muscles and bone. Tends to clog up in skin and with viscera. Needs to be used with a protective fetotome to avoid injury to the vagina and uterus.
wire saw introducer
1. may be a long, 3 feet, blunt needle with an eye at the introduced end. Used to thread wire saw through the tube of an embryotome.
2. a heavy metal bean-shaped plaque, size of a hand palm, with two holes; used to carry the end of the wire saw through the uterus, around the object to be removed, and out again through the vagina. The two ends of the saw are then threaded into the tubes of the embryotome.
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