Thomas Masterman, English physician, 1765-1859. See: Winterbottom sign.
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A BODY believed to be that of missing pensioner James Winterbottom has been found.
The event held at Huddersfield Town Hall was organised by Brian Winterbottom, 82, of Netherton, to celebrate his 50 years as a singing member of Honley Male Voice Choir.
Steve Winterbottom, 63, and his son Steve Jnr, 35, were both born on June 4.
A two fish bag was the decider and Keith Higgins took the senior cup with a 5lb 8oz brace of rainbow trout while second place was shared between Jim Winterbottom and Dave Pockett with 4lb 6oz catches.
Loose Cannon Events was fined PS740, and company director Neil Winterbottom was fined PS1,500 and was ordered to pay PS2,806.
The 76-year-old, who played Vera Duckworth for more than 30 years, appeared in a cameo role as Mrs Winterbottom in the Christmas Day edition of Emmerdale.
Liz, 76, will appear in the ITV show's Christmas Day episode for a one-off role as Mrs Winterbottom, a demanding guest at Eric Pollard's B&B.
But Neil Winterbottom, whose company put on the Alnwick Castle event on Saturday, is still unable to say whether concertgoers will be given refunds after the shambolic end to the show.
Award-winning director Michael Winterbottom and controversial stand-up Russell Brand explore the recent financial meltdown in a provocative feature, combining archive footage, documentary film-making and comedy to highlight the wealth gap of modern society and the escalation of events that rocked the world.
It resists the urge to perform a hagiography or apotheosis of Winterbottom as an auteur.
Resolving not to fix what wasn't broken, director Michael Winterbottom once again gives free reign to his stars' improvisational gifts, juxtaposed with heaping plates of fresh pasta and seafood, reflections on art and literature, and incessant celebrity vocal impressions.
Many others, including acclaimed Hollywood director Michael Winterbottom, wanted to make a feature film on the life and times of the celebrated mathematics guru known the world over for grooming underprivileged students for admission into the coveted Indian Institutes of Technology ( IITs).