Winter Storm

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A storm—wind speed between 48 and 55 knots—accompanied by freezing or near-freezing precipitation—snow, ice or sleet
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This is the second winter storm in a span of two weeks to cause disruptions to air travel in the U.
For most rural folk, this means the possibility of winter storms and freezing or frozen precipitation.
fatalities caused by winter storms from 1996 to 2011, according to NOAA
PC360: What are the top claims associated with a winter storm event?
Winter storm claims, including those caused by freezing and ice damage, accounted for 6.
Winter storm watch means severe weather such as heavy snow or ice is possible in the next day or two.
Winter storm warnings were in effect for large parts of the northeastern quarter of the country as the storm moves northeast from the Gulf of Mexico area on Tuesday and Wednesday, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.
Storm dumped heavy snow on midwestern US contributing to flight cancellations A late winter storm dumped heavy snow on midwestern United States on Tuesday Mar.
Frontier Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:RJET), on Wednesday said that due to the expected impact of a winter storm in Denver it has enacted guidelines for travel to, from or through Denver or Colorado Springs.
Catastrophe modeler AIR Worldwide estimates insured losses from a massive winter storm earlier last month to be between $790 million and $1.
I also want to express my appreciation to our customers who were impacted by winter storm disruptions in our system.
Since the 1970s, the winter storm track in the western U.