Holiday Blues

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Feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression and anxiety in and around the holidays, caused by loss of family and loved ones through divorce or distance from the childhood home or place where the holidays were most enjoyed in years past
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Experts are warning that Britain could be heading for an 'epidemic' of winter blues following the grim summer of 2007.
Paul Jacobs, operations director of recruitment firm Office Angels, which conducted the poll, said, ``With the cold weather, reduced daylight hours and the pressures of Christmas both at home and at work, it is inevitable that we all suffer from the winter blues to some degree.''
Professor Chris Thompson, a leading authority on mental health and light therapy, said: 'Winter blues is the less severe version of the condition known as SAD.
'The findings have indicated that horses may get depressed over the winter and that treating them with light therapy could be effective in reducing these winter blues.'
"Beat the Winter Blues enables us to distribute vital guidelines from the NHS on heating your home," said Lee Clarke from Staywarm.
WINTER blues may be a hangover from a time when human ancestors used to hibernate, according to new research.
BEAT the winter blues and wear a bit of colour in the cold.
A REMEDY to the winter blues may soon be in sight after Midland teachers took part in a nationwide immunity study.
THE jagged remains of the winter blues, Spring heralds in with its lovely views, Winter gone, the wind and the snow, Rain and cold for a little time to know.
DO winter blues effect Yorkshire drivers more than those in any other region of the UK?
GERI Halliwell has been escaping the winter blues with a holiday.
Students suffering from the winter blues are being offered survival tips.