Winslow, Jacob Benignus

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Jacob Benignus, Danish anatomist, physicist, and surgeon in Paris, 1669-1760.
stellulae winslowii - capillary whorls in the lamina choroidocapillaris from which arise the venae vorticosae. Synonym(s): Winslow stars
Winslow foramen - the passage below and behind the portal hepatis connecting the two sacs of the peritoneum. Synonym(s): epiploic foramen
Winslow ligament - the cordlike ligament that passes from the lateral epicondyle of the femur to the head of the fibula. Synonym(s): fibular collateral ligament
Winslow pancreas - a portion of the head of the pancreas formed by the superior mesenteric artery and abdominal aorta. Synonym(s): uncinate process of pancreas
Winslow stars - Synonym(s): stellulae winslowii
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In this case, the most remarkable thing is that herniation does not occur through a natural orifice or an acquired defect, such as respectively for the Winslow foramen or for an incisional hernia, but directly into the abdominal wall.