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Jacques B., Danish anatomist, physicist, and surgeon in Paris, 1669-1760. See: foramen of Winslow, Winslow ligament, Winslow pancreas, Winslow stars, stellulae winslowii.
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Winslow also noted Medallia, which has typically focused on large customers, has recently added a focus on midsize businesses, which expands the company's potential market.
If convicted of multiple accounts of forcible sex offenses, Winslow would face up to life in prison.
Winslow had denied the charges, with lawyers telling the court that in each case the sex was either consensual or never took place at all.
During the trial prosecutor Dan Owens said: "Kellen Winslow took what he wanted; he took what he wanted not from one, not from two, but from three women.
So much for Winslow's fine-grained and meticulously sourced hermeneutical analysis of contemporary life sciences in parts 2 and 3 of the book, entitled "Ecological Inheritances" and "Microbial Inheritances." Winslow's central contribution to hermeneutics proper and the intellectual history of the hermeneutical tradition (found in part 1, "Theoretical Inheritances") rests in the challenge he presents for thinkers who react to Heidegger's "fundamental ontology," chiefly Gadamer and Foucault, in contrast with Husserl.
Steinberg, another defense attorney for Winslow II, said through a publicist that Winslow II "emphatically denies committing any burglary." 
Fort Myers, Florida CreateSpace Publishing and Winslow E.
All the 810 homes in a rough rectangle of terraced streets from Winslow Street - by The Winslow Hotel, opposite Goodison Park's Main Stand - along to Index Street were built before 1900.
Cecilia Kenny, 51, had lost confidence to go out and meet people until she was united with beautiful labrador, Winslow.
Don Winslow is the author of 17 crime novels, including Savages (2010) and The Kings of Cool (2012).