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Jacques B., Danish anatomist, physicist, and surgeon in Paris, 1669-1760. See: foramen of Winslow, Winslow ligament, Winslow pancreas, Winslow stars, stellulae winslowii.
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Cecilia, who was born with cerebral palsy and congenital dislocation of both hips, has opened up about her life-changing story as the charity Canine Partners, who provided her with Winslow back in April 2012, celebrates its 25th anniversary year.
Death is Magical is the fourth entry in the Hugh Winslow series.
With a certain deftness and flow, Winslow composes highly engaging set pieces, like Barrera's prison break at Christmas time from the Guadalajara penitentiary, major clashes among various gangs, and government raids on cartel hideaways in cities and in the countryside and in jungles throughout Mexico and Central America.
Autor de 19 novelas, ademas de cuentos y guiones de cine y television, Winslow salto a la fama con El poder del perro, "una historia sobre los origenes de los carteles de la droga en Mexico".
5 million board feet" during each drying cycle, said Winslow.
Winslow was "un cooperative" when police tried to negotiate with him and repeatedly climbed back and forth over the bridge railing as police talked with him, police said.
Businessman Bartlett Arkell began collecting art in the 1920s, but it was the art of Winslow Homer that ultimately captured his attention.
We came to Winslow in our mid-30s with nothing to lose.
Winslow said he thought the camera might be in another Escalade that had since left the scene, the police report says.
Chips," "The Browning Version" and other works by the prolific scribe, "The Winslow Boy" is a flawless example of the well-made play.
The production marks the professional stage debuts of Sam Blythe and Laurie Kynaston, who was part of our own youth theatre group Act Out and plays Ronnie Winslow (the Winslow Boy) - remember where you saw them first
Then he heard Winslow croon like a lover, "Oh, darling, these deer are insipid.