Felix von, German surgeon, 1852-1931. See: Winiwarter-Buerger disease.
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Human interventions are often not sustainable and many areas may be under threat--not just the less resilient ones--such as the tropics (Winiwarter et al.
A.; Winiwarter, W [N.sub.2]O release from agro bio-fuel production negates global warming reduction by replacing fossil fuels.
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Using the words of Winiwarter et al., 'an environmental history of the kind we aimed to write requires two quite different sets of skills'.
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Von Winiwarter provided the first description of a patient with thromboangiitis obliterans in 1879.
Therefore the use of first generation biofuel as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels is questionable and has been the subject of debates (Crutzen, Mosier, Smith, and Winiwarter, 2008).
Monte Carlo simulation methods are used to estimate uncertainty in inventories, such as for criteria pollutants, HAP, and greenhouse gases (e.g., Winiwarter, Rypdal 2001).
Environmental history can also be considered in a more material fashion as 'the reconstruction of environmental conditions of the past' and 'the reconstruction how these conditions were perceived and interpreted by the then living humans' (Winiwarter & Knoll, 2007).