ala nasi

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 [a´lah] (pl. a´lae) (L.)
a winglike process. adj., adj a´lar, a´late.
ala na´si the cartilaginous flap on the outer side of each nostril.
 Ala nasi with major and minor alar cartilages. From Dorland's, 2000.
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a·la of nose

the lateral, mobile, more or less flaring, wall of each naris.
Synonym(s): ala nasi [TA], pinna nasi, wing of nose
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a·la na·si

(ā'lă nā'sī) [TA]
The lateral wall of each naris.
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a·la of nose

(ā'lă nōz)
[TA]The lateral, mobile, more or less flaring, wall of each naris.
Synonym(s): ala nasi [TA] .
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The activity of the smile is determined by several facial muscles, like the elevator of the upper lip and wing of the nose, the zygomatic major and minor, the angle of the mouth, orbicularis oris and risorius (4-6, 8-10).
Cells from the nasal septum The type of non-melanoma skin cancer investigated in this study is most common on the nose, specifically the alar wing of the nose, because of its cumulative exposure to sunlight.
The favoured aetiological theory, posited by Bruggeman in 1920, suggests an origin from the remnant of the embryonic nasolacrimal duct, and is is supported by the fact that both the nasolacrimal duct and nasolabial cysts are lined by the same pseudostratified columnar epithelium, and also by the fact that the cyst is located subjacent to the wing of the nose, in line with the naso-optic fissure.