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UNIX Integration Services, designed to provide X11 devices with basic connectivity to Citrix MetaFrame and WinFrame servers, does not offer ICA features such as load balancing, published applications, and low bandwidth connectivity.
Walbrook's secret to running a high-powered network on low-end equipment is Windows NT Server paired with Citrix' 5 Winframe server.
Currently available is the Enterprise edition of WinFrame, which retails for' $5,900 and supports up to 15 users.
Microsoft's ability to release the WBT was due in part to a partnership with Citrix Systems, makers of a multi-user version of Microsoft Windows NT Server called WinFrame and a compatible thin client protocol called the Independent Computing Architecture (ICA).
These options range from a low-end solution, such as PC anywhere or other desktop connectivity package, to high-end solutions using hardware and servers, such as Citrix Winframe for remote servers.
Citrix Systems, a small Florida developer of applications server technology, has begun marketing a Windows NT product called WinFrame that executes software remotely over an ordinary modem line.
NT, Windows and DOS applications can be run using Citrix Systems Inc's MetaFrame and WinFrame software in conjunction with Microsoft Corp's NT Terminal Server Edition running on the server.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Citrix Systems Inc has launched MetaFrame 1.8 and WinFrame 1.8, new versions of its server-based computing software.
Clients can be anything from a 286 to a network computer, from a UNIX workstation to a Macintosh, says Michael Richtberg, senior product manager for Citrix's WinFrame, the server software and operating system.
Instead, we chose to implement a thin-client/server network with Citrix WinFrame middleware software.
The software allows users to access MS Terminal Server or Winframe sessions via a cut-down simplified interface that boots instead of Windows.
National Semiconductor has standardised on Citrix WinFrame server-based software for its offices worldwide, enabling the company to deploy applications the enterprise and provide faster, centralised access to new software applications.