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Wind of sufficient force—generally above 48 knots—to be capable of damaging property in absence of rain
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Windstorms Eleanor and Carmen also impacted Western and Central Europe, killing at least seven people and causing notable damage in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and Switzerland.
The potential for windstorm footprints to extend into multiple countries can result in high aggregate losses for insurers with multi-country portfolios and shows the need to model this hazard consistently on a Europe-wide basis.
We're also excited to launch the WIND Professional Designation Program, which was established to recognize individuals within the industry who demonstrate exceptional professionalism and technical knowledge in the field of property and windstorm insurance claims.
WindStorm covers were initially launched through Eevelle's highest volume online dealer, Discount Boat Cover, at www.
A lot of damage has taken place due to the windstorm.
As everyone dealing with the Florida residential and commercial residential windstorm insurance market is aware, an increased level of underwriting scrutiny is presently being focused on the validity and appropriateness of windstorm mitigation credits.
PEPCO spokesman has informed that that the windstorm has played havoc with MEPCO infrastructure and damaged 18 transformers in the area of Multan cantt and Multan city alongwith 100 Electric Poles.
The standardization of windstorm deductible triggers also made its way to the table, IIABNY reported.
According to the Northwest Insurance Council, that windstorm resulted in nearly 2,000 claims and caused more than $6 million in damages to the area.
As benign as the 2006 hurricane season has been, little has been done to offset the strain on windstorm insurance capacity currently in the market.
It is always sad to lose a champion tree by windstorm, lightning, or fire, and we've lost many, but it is tragic when we lose a tree, any tree, to senseless vandalism.
In a project conducted for Norbord, the Research Center tested full-scale wall assemblies in tension and in shear to measure the performance of the company's oversized Windstorm OSB panels.