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A computer or television monitor with controls for studying and manipulating graphical or clinical images.
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The publishing engines that create documents on MVS can utilise the same document management system that hosts Windows workstations
Suitable for all types and sizes of libraries, the T Series may be implemented in a wide variety of operating system and network configurations ranging from MS-DOS or Windows workstations to multi-user LANs such as Novell Netware or Windows NT.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows is a cornerstone of Kaspersky Lab's solutions, providing centralised protection of Windows workstations and Windows servers from malware, potentially dangerous programs and network attacks.
-- 2 client agents to backup many types of client machines including Windows workstations and desktops, and the vast majority of Linux machines, Mac OS X and BSD computers
Capital Gazette also runs SCS/Track on Windows workstations for ad services, prepress electronic ads, and administrators.
The new MVS data set listing with read-and-write capability allows interactive listing of datasets as files and folders with command-line SFTP tools and Windows client GUI, providing the industry's first SFTP-based easy drag-and-drop file transfers between Windows workstations and mainframes without any changes to the legacy applications.
New enhancements to DeployCenter give IT administrators greater flexibility and control in deploying and upgrading Windows workstations and virtually eliminate the need to physically visit the PC.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Novell has released Novell BranchManager for NT, a directory based solution for the central management of multiple offices in different locations using NT servers or Windows workstations. Applications included in the package are NDS for NT 2.01, ZENworks 1.1, ManageWise Agent for Windows 2.6, and BorderManager Authentification Services 3.0.
The municipal communications network is about 1 100 Windows workstations, users and 1 000 2 500 pupils.
Part ISupply management system active elements of the network-server-2 KPLPart II1 KPL Software Delivery software package management system active network elements - WhatsUp Gold Premium 500 New Devices in / 24M service- WhatUp Gold WhatsConfigured Plug-in 50 New Devices in / 24M Service- WhatUp Gold Application Performance Monitoring 200 New Components 24M ServicePART IIISupply anti-virus software package MC Afee McAfee Device Control-two packets, each packet of 200 licenses including 180 licenses for Windows workstations and 20 licenses for Windows Server.