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Informatics A series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft since 1985
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While previous versions of Windows XP - some 46 million were sold by the end of June - will require Service Pack 1, the update will be bundled into future products from about mid-October, Microsoft said.
The new features in Windows XP aren't going to be enough to rock your world.
Although owners of unmanaged Windows XP and Windows 8 systems must manually retrieve the updates from Microsoft's download website or the cumbersome Update Catalog, enterprises and organizations using WSUS (Windows Server Update Services), SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) or another patch management platform can automate the downloading and installation of the older editions' updates as if they were for editions still in support.
The US Navy signed a support deal in-excess of $9 million with Microsoft in June that will see Redmond provide critical hotfixes and software patches for Windows XP, Office 2003, Exchange 2003, and Server 2003 for a maximum of three years.
First, not all PCs - especially older machines that were purchased with Windows XP pre-installed more than 10 years ago - will be able to run Windows 8; while its system requirements aren't particularly heavy, decade old hardware isn't like to be able to handle it.
Users make sure that Windows XP is up-to-date, however Microsoft will stop update after April 8, 2014, all of the old updates from before then will still be available, and should be applied.
The world's largest software maker first warned that it was planning to end support for Windows XP in 2007, but security firms estimate that 15 to 25% of the world's PCs still run on the version of the operating system that was released in October 2001.
Dave Emm, a senior research analyst at security firm Kaspersky said that Kapersky's data indicates that less than one fifth of its customers run Windows XP but more than a quarter of infections are Windows XP-based.
How many organizations do you estimate are still using Windows XP?
Microsoft released Windows XP in 2001 and it normally supports an operating system for 10 years -- five years of full support plus five years of extended support.
" Applications on government websites and platforms running on Windows XP will continue to function smoothly.