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Informatics A series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft since 1985
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Operaruns on Windows 2000, but its Norwegian maker recommends XP or later.
If you have Windows 2000 or later, Windows can be set to automatically adjust the clock's time for you.
* Windows 2000 Professional: An upgrade from NT Workstation, stable and secure but expect to upgrade your PC hardware.
For the Windows 2000 platforms, the product requires 7 MB of space for the server portion and 1.4 MB for the client portion along with Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 2.
The company recently completed a report into the adoption of Windows 2000 as a serious server platform, which concluded that it is more than capable of doing the "heavy lifting" necessary.
Windows 2000 Professional is as much as 83 percent more reliable than prior versions of the Windows desktop operating system and Windows 2000 Server scored similar performance gains, reducing unnecessary server reboots by 64 percent compared with Windows NT Server 4.0.
Duke produces six magazines, including Windows 2000, NEWS/400, and related Web sites and e--mail newsletters but no related trade shows.
The new product also features a higher level of scalability - delivering upwards of 1,000 clients attached to a single Windows 2000 server - because of a new application server architecture designed around Windows 2000.
One family of portables, the Satellite Pro 4300 series -- which offers the optimum in multimedia capabilities and performance for small- and medium-business customers -- is equipped with Windows 2000 Professional.
Another first for MAP8O sees the development of the world's first labelling software that has been specifically designed for use with Windows 2000. Following the launch of Microsoft's 'forward-thinking' Windows 2000 operating system, MAP80 have announced the launch of the fourth generation of their labelling software - Prisym2000.
Microsoft's latest family of operating system software features Windows 2000 Professional for business desktops and laptops and also includes Windows 2000 Server, which is a network operating system, and Windows 2000 Advanced Server, designed for e-commerce businesses.