Wind Turbine Syndrome

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Any of a constellation of symptoms—e.g., headaches, insomnia, altered hearing—which allegedly affect up to half of people living within a 2-km radius of wind turbines
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CONTACTS: Hybrid Turbines, Inc.,; American Wind Energy Association,; Union of Concerned Scientists,; Nina Pierpont's Wind Turbine Syndrome,
Provey also allows Christine Real de Azua of AWEA to dismiss the issue of "wind turbine syndrome." Vibroacoustic disease is a well-documented occupational hazard caused by exposure to high levels of infrasound and low-frequency sound.
SIR - Today, the Institute of Acoustics conference will take place in Cardiff and will be discussing "wind turbine syndrome" and wind farm noise.
Wind Turbine Syndrome has people complaining of headaches and nosebleeds from the low-frequency sound that you can't hear.