Wilson-Mikity syndrome

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Wilson-Mikity syndrome

 [wil´sun mik´€ĭ-te]
a rare form of respiratory insufficiency in low-birth-weight infants, marked by hyperpnea and cyanosis of insidious onset during the first month of life and often resulting in death. Radiographically, there are multiple cystlike foci of hyperaeration throughout the lung, with coarse thickening of the interstitial supporting structures. Called also pulmonary dysmaturity.
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pul·mo·nar·y dys·ma·tu·ri·ty syn·drome

a respiratory disorder occurring in small, premature infants who are incapable of normal pulmonary ventilation and who often die of hypoxia after an illness lasting 6-8 weeks; the lungs contain widespread focal emphysematous blebs and the parenchyma has thickened alveolar walls; diagnosed principally on the basis of the clinical history, chest radiographic findings, and the findings at autopsy, which must include the absence of pathological changes characteristic of other pulmonary disorders commonly encountered in this age group.
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Wilson-Mikity syndrome

[Miriam G. Wilson, U.S. pediatrician, b. 1922; Victor G. Mikity, U.S. radiologist, b. 1919]
A so-called pulmonary dysmaturity syndrome seen in premature infants. The symptoms are insidious onset of dyspnea, tachypnea, and cyanosis in the first month of life. Radiographs of the lungs reveal evidence of emphysema that develops into multicysts. Therapy is directed at the pulmonary insufficiency and cardiac failure. The death rate is about 25%.
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Victor G., U.S. radiologist, 1919–.
Wilson-Mikity syndrome - see under Wilson, Miriam


Miriam G., U.S. pediatrician, 1922–.
Wilson-Mikity syndrome - a respiratory disorder occurring in small, premature infants. Synonym(s): pulmonary dysmaturity syndrome
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