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A tree of the genus Salix; the bark of several species, especially S. fragilis, is a source of salicin.
[A.S. welig]
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St Andrew's Way, home to Debenhams and the Apple Store, has been transformed into a festive forest of 'willow trees', whose extended arms form light sprays across the space, creating a dramatic ceiling of light, with five pairs of willow trees running the length of the mall.
Muscat: Residents of Jalan Bani Bu Ali in the South Al Sharqyia Governorate are burning down willow trees which deprive other vegetation in the vicinity of their water.
The recent gales caused a lot of serious damage to the weeping willow trees at the entrance to Beechwood Park and playing fields, and some of the thick branches were left dangling and swaying around in a dangerous position.
Growing willow trees at a 45 degree angle simulates this natural stress, encouraging the trees to produce up to five times more sugar than plants grown normally.
What is the common name for the flowers of hazel and willow trees? 3.
The EA have offices full of computers inventing more and more areas as designated flood plains, even in Mold (360 feet above sea level) which was flooded in 2000 with a lifeboat rescuing people because the River Alyn had not been, and still has not been, dredged, but the EA have planted 1100 Willow trees in and along the River Alyn at Mold.
While they have taken the decision to prune the chestnut trees, willow trees at a nearby location will have to go.
Deep in the Radley's 'red fields' heartland next to Platt Brook is one of the most beautiful willow trees I've seen.
AN AIRPORT will become the first in the UK to be powered partly by willow trees.
Some plants such as willow trees, birches, apples, cherries and pears may develop soft, green leaves, while others may flower.
The Corrigans use about a third of their 230-acre Eastfields Farm at Nunthorpe near Middlesbrough to growing willow trees. They now have three 25-acre SRC plantations and the first crop is expected to be worth around pounds 12,500 in dry weight.
The current members of the threesome are derivative of their predecessors in personality, situation and aspiration although this series differentiates itself with the metaphor of willow trees, rather than the 'magic' jeans of the original, to symbolise the girls' friendship.