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The integration of Mr Charles Monat and his 60-strong team in to Willis GWS practice provides us with improved services for all our clients and will help us to build our capabilities and presence in this growing global market.
Cavanagh had just been named CEO of Willis Re, the reinsurance brokering arm of Willis Group Holdings, in January.
In legal papers, ABD said that it has instructed its former Willis employees who have noncompetition agreements with Willis or agreements limiting solicitation of other Willis employees to honor the terms of those agreements.
Willis Music Company is known for its piano methods and roster of educational piano composers, including John Thompson's Modern Course far the Piano, Easiest Piano Course and Teaching Little Fingers to Play and Edna Mae Burnam's Dozen a Day.
Willis acknowledges that the great skyscrapers of Manhattan were built by developers for economic reasons.
In considering popular fears, Willis suggests that repressed and redirected pre-Oedipal hostility rather than simple feelings of guilt led younger villagers to denounce demanding older women.
Willis sees the end of the play as ambivalent about the order implicit in Malcolm's restoration of patrilineal rule.
On 1 October 2012, Wilkinson will be shifting from Hong Kong to Sydney to join Willis Australasia CEO Pieter Lindhout for managing 350 Associates in nine offices across Australasia.
Willis also appointed TODD JONES, formerly national partner for the Northeast region, as president of Willis North America, reporting to Krauze.