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Gustav A., German obstetrician, 1856-1935. See: Walcher position.
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On May 14 in 1080 William Walcher, the Bishop of Durham and Earl of Northumbria appointed by the conquering Normans, was murdered by a mob near the site of the present St Mary's Church on the riverside at Gateshead.
The dad-of-one has dressed as Henry VIII to tell folk about the Tudors and allowed himself to be mockingly burned and hacked to death in a re-enactment of the killing of Norman Bishop William Walcher.
In 1080 most of the huts in the town were burned and many people killed in retaliation for the death of William Walcher, the first Prince-Bishop, at the hands of a Saxon mob.
The centre will reflect the life of the newly regenerated quayside area with depictions of key moments in the history of the town - such as the murder of the first of Durham's Prince Bishops, William Walcher on May 14, 1080, the Civil War and the great fire of 1854.
Walcher Grove - honouring the first Prince Bishop, William Walcher.