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William, Irish physician, 1804-1878.
Adams-Stokes disease - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Adams-Stokes syncope - see under Adams, Robert
Adams-Stokes syndrome - see under Adams, Robert
Cheyne-Stokes breathing - Synonym(s): Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Cheyne-Stokes psychosis - see under Cheyne
Cheyne-Stokes respiration - see under Cheyne
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Stokes law - a muscle lying above an inflamed mucous or serous membrane is frequently the seat of paralysis.
Stokes-Adams disease - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Stokes-Adams syndrome - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
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Founded by William Stokes, former president of Lexis Document Services and Illinois Code Company, Faxxon's products and services are primarily directed to clients in the state of Illinois.
Developed by Phelps-Dodge heir William Stokes, the Ansonia had every luxury of its time, including a Turkish bath, pneumatic tube system for residents to exchange messages, along with a rooftop farm which provided guests with fresh eggs and poultry.
Scot, Robin K Sharp, John R Southan, William Stokes, Jon F Ward, Kenneth J.