Halsted, William Stewart

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Halsted, William Stewart

U.S. surgeon, 1852–1922.

Halsted forceps

A small curved or straight hemostatic forceps.

Halsted operation

1. An operation for inguinal hernia.
2. A radical mastectomy for breast.

Halsted suture

An interrupted suture for intestinal or cutaneous wounds.
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William Stewart, U.S. surgeon, 1852-1922.
Halsted clamp
Halsted curved mosquito forceps
Halsted hemostat
Halsted incision
Halsted law - transplanted tissue will grow only if there is a lack of that tissue in the host.
Halsted mattress sutures
Halsted operation - excision of the breast as well as the pectoral muscles, lymphatic-bearing tissue in the axilla, and various other tissues. Synonym(s): radical mastectomy
Halsted suture - a suture used for exact skin approximation.
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