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William, English obstetrician, 1697-1763.
Smellie scissors - obsolete term for lance-pointed shears with external cutting edges, used for fetal craniotomy.
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William Smellie (1762) (8) recommended placing one or two fingers in the anterior or posterior fetal axilla and gentling pulling on the axilla to deliver the body.
(2013) 'William Smellie and the Reconciliation of Maria Riddell with Robert Bums', Studies in Scottish 'Literature 35-36, pp.
Inspired by the Scottish Enlightenment, and having recruited a scholar named William Smellie as their editor, they began publishing Encyclopaedia Britannica - Latin for British Encyclopaedia - in a series of weekly pamphlets.
Through an analysis of William Smellie's two-volume collection, Philosophy of Natural History (1790, 1799), Richardson finds the scientific affirmation for the mother's capacity to "guide her infant into speech" (133).
This stereotype was so common that, late in the century, William Smellie felt he had to account for it in his Philosophy of Natural History.
The first, William Smellie, was a Scottish man-midwife; the other, Sir James Young Simpson, Professor of Midwifery in Edinburgh, was most famous for discovering the anesthetic properties of chloroform in 1847.
We listen to the rich, romantic language of Sir Walter Scott; a poem by William Smellie (who compiled the first Encyclopaedia Britannica) wickedly recited to the tune of The Yellow Rose of Texas; we hear the tales behind The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, a story of split personality which describes Edinburgh perfectly.
Bellshill Hospital Calton Hospital, Campbeltown Campbeltown Cottage Hospital Daliburgh Hospital, South Uist Davidson Cottage, Girvan Dunfermline Maternity Eastern General, Edinburgh Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary Fyfe Jamieson Home, Forfar Insch and District War Memorial Inverurie Hospital Islay Hospital Law Hospital Leanchoil Hospital, Forres Lewis Hospital Maryhill Maternity, Glasgow Oban Maternity Hospital Portree Hospital Rankin Memorial, Greenock Rutherglen Maternity Seafield Hospital, Buckie Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow Turner Memorial Hospital, Keith William Smellie Maternity, Lanark Whitehills Hospital, Forfar
Brown examines the life and work of William Smellie, the intellectual who was to be Scotland's outstanding printer of medical works (not to be confused with William Smellie the eighteenth-century London male midwife.)