Schwartz, William

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William, U.S. physician, 1922–.
Schwartz-Bartter syndrome - complication of oat cell bronchogenic carcinoma that results in a dilutional hyponatremia, caused by inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion.
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The applicant is Mike Coyle of Faster Permits, the contractor is Kardia Construction LLC, and the owner is William Schwartz.
Van der Zwaan attorney William Schwartz said that the defendant should not be punished because of who his family is, and deserved credit for the loss of his career, suffering of his wife, who is expecting the couple's first child in August in a difficult pregnancy, and for turning over recorded conversations and other evidence of his guilt.
Principal Investigator of RAVAN, William Schwartz of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL), explained to Laboratory Equipment how his lab grows the VACNTs.
Board member William Schwartz credited Dauman working with Redstone for nearly 30 years on all aspects of Viacom's success, including taking on "the tough task of navigating our future in a time of unprecedented innovation and disruption," he said in a statement.
“Mastering shoulder printing in plastic tube packaging has taken years,” said William Schwartz, CEO of Vista Packaging, Inc.
But, William Schwartz of Cooley, Lehr's attorney, said in a statement: "Having recently sought the protection of the United States Bankruptcy Court, Lehr Construction is confident that it will complete all of its projects and be able to pay all of its creditors and subcontractors notwithstanding these charges."
Below: William Schwartz of Netherton with his painting "Pawnshop" Pictures: EDDIE BARFORD/eb121108c
The nine priests accused of sexual abuse and the year the abuse allegedly occurred are: Albert Carman, 1954; William Goltz, 1952-58 and 1954; Patrick McElliott, 1959-62; and 1964; Julius Olinger, 1957-58; John Peters, 1962; Robert Reiss, 1962-64; William Roach, 1962 and 1972; John Schmitz, 1959; and William Schwartz, 1964-66 and 1978.
A family-run business, ABCO was founded by William Schwartz, a Romanian immigrant who worked for several similar com panics before starting his own business in the early 1980's.
Salerno, 49, vice chairman of finance and business development, NYNEX; William Schwartz, 59, vice president for academic affairs, Yeshiva University.
The predicted increase in physician supply doesn't worry William Schwartz, M.D., professor of medicine at Tufts University, who has written extensively on supply and demand of doctors.