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William, Scottish physician, 1852-1940.
Russell bodies - small, discrete hyaline bodies that occur frequently in plasma cells in chronic inflammation. Synonym(s): fuchsin bodies
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Groomsmen were John Russell Allison, Robert Edmonds Arnett II, Nick Courtland Campbell, Jonathan Allen Carroll, William Russell Cook, Edward Seigor Jackson III, Tyson Steven Langston, Matthew Carlton Legg John Robert Mehl-, Hunter Scott Penn, Leonard Spence Pepper, Heath William Sims, and Ryan Fitzgerald Tapley.
In paintings, a pastel of a reclining nude by Sir William Russell Flint doubled its estimate to sell for PS2,400.
In a resolution by Prosecution Attorney Omar Cris Casimiro which was approved by Senior State Prosecutor Richard Fadullon, the DOJ said there is not enough evidence on the complaint filed by Casanova against CJHDevCo directors William Russell Sobrepena, Atty.
The tension is more contained, but no less fierce on Derek McLane's set, where the action ping-pongs between the generic hotel suites of former Secretary of State William Russell (John Larroquette) and Sen.
Our nearly 60-year-old commitment to polycarbonate remains unmatched -- from a relentless focus on innovation, to continued investments in global capacity, to a team of polycarbonate experts including a highly trained sales force, application development specialists, and process development engineers around the globe," says William Russell, polycarbonate business leader, Innovative Plastics.
The mural is based on the design by Petersen, former student Yesenia Calderon, Michael Bracamontes, and art teacher William Russell.
Building on our global polycarbonate success, the addition of Sabic PC reaffirms our continuing commitment to the polycarbonate industry as we keep pace with the growing markets and our customers' expanding needs,' said William Russell, polycarbonate business leader, Innovative Plastics.
I had been raising upside-down tomatoes for about 10 years, planting them in holes at the bottom of 5-gallon buckets," says William Russell, Sevierville, Tennessee.
James William Russell, 23, of Pantgwynlais, Tongwynlais, Cardiff, was fined pounds 350 for driving a car which had insufficient tread on its front nearside wheel.
Gandhi shared a humorous anecdote of Abraham Lincoln's meeting with William Russell, a correspondent with The Times of London who also covered the Revolt of 1857.
William Russell Conference producer Email: william.
Jim Merrington, of the Brancepeth Archives and History Group, said: "The links between Brancepeth and the Tennyson family began in 1796 when William Russell bought the castle, which passed to his son Mathew, who married Elizabeth Tennyson, the aunt of the poet.