Pickles, William

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William, English physician, 1885-1969.
Pickles chart - day-by-day plots of new cases of infectious disease used to demonstrate the progress of an epidemic in a relatively isolated population.
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The first engine, 'LADAS' (named after Laura Alice Duff Assheton-Smith, wife of Thomas), driven by William Pickles from Yorkshire, ran into difficulties a few hundred yards above Clogwyn Station.
William Pickles Hartley founded the complex in 1886.
The Durham and Chester-le-Street PCTboard meeting will be held in the William Pickles Room at John Snow House, Durham, at 9am Thursday.
The issue will be discussed at a meeting of the PCT board on Thursday, in the William Pickles Room at John Snow House, Durham University Science Park, beginning at 9.30am.
This study takes it cue from Sir James MacKenzie, (2) William Pickles, (3) and John Fry, (4) the famous general-practitioner researchers in Britain, who carefully looked at the incidence and prevalence of disease in their practices.
Hartley's was originally a grocers' business, founded by Sir William Pickles Hartley, near Pendle, in Lancashire.
Cllr Anne O'Byrne said it was important to recognise the contribution founder William Pickles Hartley made to the local community.
It was built by William Pickles Hartley, who founded the jam-making company that bears his name.
William Pickles Hartley left school at 14 and went into the family business in Colne, Lancashire.