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William, English inventor, 1818-1894.
Moon system - a touch-type alphabet for the blind. Synonym(s): Moon type
Moon type - Synonym(s): Moon system
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(From left) Tom Butler, Ron Pfule, Tom Cilmi, William Moon, Kristina Moon, Steven Flotteron and Alden Schroder.
Sultan Al-Kethalri, William Moon and Abdulaziz Khalil were all on the mark for the Boys.
Grant William Moon, 83, who served on a Navy destroyer protecting landing craft storming Juno beach, was one of those left let down.
In 1845, Dr William Moon had invented a reading system of raised lettering which was simpler, but less comprehensive, than Louis Braille's raised-point method of reading and writing for the blind, introduced 16 years earlier.
Abdulmalek, William Moon, Charlie Campbell, Ellis Harper.