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William, U.S. neurologist.
Kennedy disease - an X-linked recessive disorder characterized by progressive spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy.
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Captain William Kennedy's career as a fur trader, Arctic explorer, sailor and magistrate is an important part of the Manitoba story in the 19th century.
Craig William Kennedy, of Mains Wood, Erskine, is said to have been driving carelessly in Barnsford Road, Abbotsinch, on July 12 this year.
Broadmoor Shopping Center LLC, led by William Kennedy III.
Jockey Davy Russell suggested Stetsonsnstilettos, William Kennedy opted for Present Gesture and Matt Chapman followed orders and plumped for You Called Me What.
On February 25, 1898, an inquest into the death of 24-year-old William Kennedy, whose body was found in a Manchester hotel bedroom, took place before Coroner Smelt.
William Kennedy was named president/CEO of the $45.3 million HUD Federal Credit Union in Washington.
William Kennedy, an attorney who represented one of the men who Hernandez was acquitted of murdering, told Boston's CBS affiliate that the New England Patriots could be obligated to pay the $3.5 million bonus Hernandez lost as a result of his arrest for murder in 2013.
Also, Korean veterans' names who do not appear on the memorial: William Kennedy, James Peete, William Stuka and James W.
Family owned and Indiana-based Salin Bank & Trust Company has said that it has named William Kennedy as vice president, portfolio manager.
His sister Nora Kelly was left the lands at Correnagh just outside Letterkenny by her uncle William Kennedy when he died in 2007.
An email signed by Patrick Purcell, executive chairman of Dow Jones Local Media, and William Kennedy, its chief operating officer, said the sale of the papers was "likely."