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Edward, English physician, 1766-1838. See: Harrison groove.
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The quilt of President William Henry Harrison is on of the 100 quilts stored at the museum, and it was a spectacular find for the women.
Grouseland in Vincennes, the first brick building in the city, was home to President William Henry Harrison during his time as governor of the Indiana territory.
William Henry Harrison delivered the longest one (nearly 10,000 words) in a cold, driving rain.
Known as Old Tippecanoe after his legendary battle with Chief Tecumseh, William Henry Harrison became the ninth president of the United States in 1841.
His gift earns him a mysterious summons to the Smithsonian, where he is greeted by the wife of our ninth president, William Henry Harrison.
That statement came in a dispatch from Commodore Perry to General William Henry Harrison reporting the victory over the British in the battle of Lake Erie on September 10, 1813.
His predecessor was the unfortunate William Henry Harrison, the ninth president, who had the shortest period in office of any president.
William Henry Harrison at the battle of Tippecanoe (November 8, 1811); brigadier general (1812); led a brigade in the capture of Fort George (May 27, 1813); during General Wilkinson's abortive attempt to capture Montreal, he served as field commander at Crysler's Farm (November 11), as Wilkinson was ill; blamed for the defeat there, he was removed from command and later discharged (1815); served as officer for the Port of Boston, and died there (October 4, 1830).
In Tecumseh's absence, his twin brother Tenskwatawa, called "The Prophet," did battle with troops under <IR> WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON </IR> on Tippecanoe Creek in Indiana (November 7, 1811); the battle was indecisive, but Tecumseh knew that the unity he sought would be blighted by warfare.
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