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William, English medical statistician, 1807-1883.
Farr law - the curve of cases of an epidemic rises rapidly at first, then climbs slowly to a peak from which the fall is steeper than the previous rise.
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At a meeting at William Farr House, members of the primary care commissioning committee responded to a number of questions from the public regarding the closure.
Sau-Yin Wan examined William Farr, a lifelong smoker with complaints of trouble breathing.
But it wasn't until almost 200 years later that British statistician William Farr proposed a new system to bring medical statistics beyond just mortality.
His words echo those of the great Victorians - Florence Nightingale and William Farr, who used maths to plot bodies on Crimean battlefields and pinpoint sickness on the streets of London.
In a letter to William Farr, the Royal Black Institution's Sovereign Grand Master, Fr Sheehan said: "The people of North Belfast have suffered terribly over many years because of attitudes and actions that often resulted in violence which furthered social and economic disadvantage for both Protestants and Catholics.
They got off to the best possible start against William Farr School from Lincolnshire when top singles player Stephen Allan took the opening game 21-17.
Tying the knot has been associated with longer life since 1858, when William Farr observed that marriage protected against early mortality in France.
Tributes have been led by teachers at Tom's former school, William Farr Comprehensive School.
Having taken the trouble to learn the science of statistics from William Farr (the father of medical statistics), she had become 'a passionate statistician' (7)--'To understand God's thoughts one must study statistics ...
Returning to Florence Nightingale, we see this non-acceptance of the use of statistics to highlight alarming social conditions with William Farr chastising her for the way she presented statistics in one of her reports:
* CUTTING EDGE DESIGN: Maria Scaife chose to look at human anatomy and created a reconstructed trench coat for her final show , while below, William Farr entitled his exhibition Death of a Monolith, exploring the themes of rhythms in nature and how death is part of life.
In nationals, Range High School lost to William Farr (Lincoln) 2-1 in the semi-final of the under-16 girls competition, Hannah Davies on target.