Crookes, Sir William

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Sir William, English physicist and chemist, 1832-1919.
Crookes glass - a spectacle lens combined with metallic oxides to absorb ultraviolet or infrared rays.
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Los tubos al vacio tambien sufrieron modificaciones al descubrir William Crookes que colocando electrodos en sus extremos se podia mejorar la trasmision de la electricidad, descubriendose el catodo y el anodo y la trayectoria de la energia que corria en esta direccion.
Many famous chemists, including the second professor Edward Frankland (first organozinc compounds and valence theory), and students William Perkin (discoverer of the aniline dye mauveine) and William Crookes (discoverer of thallium who also performed important vacuum tube experiments) were associated with The Royal College of Chemistry.
Any scientific backing for this idea was eagerly seized upon (such as William Crookes's experiments with Daniel Dunglas Home).