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William, English anatomist, 1666-1709.
Cowper cyst - a retention cyst of a bulbourethral gland.
Cowper gland - Synonym(s): bulbourethral gland
cowperitis - inflammation of Cowper gland.
Cowper ligament - the part of the fascia lata which is anterior to and provides origin for fibers of the pectineus muscle.
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Since the period of Johnson's curacies is the same as that leading up to the 1809 departure of the next Chaplain of NSW, William Cowper (1778-1858), it is significant to notice that these two men moved in the same evangelical network, both in London and in Hull.
This is how, in his famous poem "Pity for the Poor Africans" written in 1788, William Cowper criticised even those seeming liberals who expressed sympathy for the enslaved Africans but always concurred in finding excuses to slow down the movement for abolition:
Other writers whose historical use of the word "seam" are noted in the new dictionary include Saul Bellow, William Cowper and George Orwell.
(6) As a result, Sarah was an enthusiastic reader of poets such as William Cowper and novelists such as Samuel Richardson and Oliver Goldsmith.
3 William Cowper, 'To Mary', The Poetical Works of William Cowper, ed.
An ex-slave-trader turned parson, John Newton is best remembered today as the author of the still popular hymn "Amazing Grace." Those with taste a for poetry know him as the evangelical curate of Olney and friend of William Cowper with whom he collaborated in the writing of the Olney Hymns (1779).
He has applied his formidable powers to the hymns of John Byrom, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, Christopher Smart, John Newton, William Cowper, and their contemporaries, considering historical and theological issues as well as literary ones.
It was reprinted more than 50 times during the 17th century, and literary figures such as William Cowper, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Richard Crashaw, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were familiar with it.
At some points it may seem too lavish: The reader, it is felt, needs to be informed as to who William Cowper is, who Goethe, etc., and in the index to biblical allusions is listed even the "salt of the earth," which has really become ordinary speech.
Henry, made his first important literary foray when he bought the Austin, Tex., printing office used by William Cowper Brann in 1891 to publish his first issues of the Iconoclast.
Even after the shop in Gerrard Street closed, being compulsorily purchased as part of the rebuilding of Lozells and Newtown, Artemis continued to work hard, helping her son Michael in his chip shops and restaurants and even working as a lollipop lady at William Cowper School in Summer Lane, Newtown.
As William Cowper wrote a few centuries ago: aACAyVariety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour'.