Brinton, William

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William, English physician, 1823-1867.
Brinton disease - infiltrating scirrhous carcinoma causing extensive thickening of stomach wall. Synonym(s): leather-bottle stomach; linitis plastica
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BUSINESS: PAGE 48 BRINTONS FACTFILE BRINTONS was founded in Kidderminster by William Brinton in 1783.
"They do not appear, for whatever reason, to be acting in connection with outdoor advertising," says William Brinton, an attorney on the board of Citizens for Scenic Florida, a billboard watchdog group based in Jacksonville.
Graham Allen, William Brinton, Edward McCarthy, and Kenneth Haney have joined Rogers, Towers, Bailey, Jones & Gay, PA, with offices at 1301 Riverplace Blvd., Ste.
Brintons was founded in 1783 by William Brinton at Hill Pool in Chaddesley outside Kidderminster.