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William, English carpenter, 1796-1878.
Banting diet - diet high in fats and protein and low in refined carbohydrates, successfully used by Banting in 1862.
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It also draws heavily on the Banting diet devised by British undertaker William Banting, who famously gave up the carb-rich eating habits of the Victorians in the 1860s to cure himself of obesity.
Thus the American public was already familiar with practices disciplining the male body into hegemonic masculinities and it was also alerted to the perils of obesity that befell a culture with an increasingly sedentary life-style, when in 1863 the British undertaker William Banting published A Letter on Corpulence.
However I have now come across another source, which states the word derives from William Banting a C19th London undertaker.
William Banting found that at age 66, along with his aches, pains arid inability to "stoop to fie his own shoes," his sight and hearing were failing him; therefore, he decided to visit Dr.
A similar diet appeared in an 1863 booklet by a British undertaker named William Banting, who got the idea from a surgeon.
A LONDON undertaker called William Banting was put on a diet by an ear specialist in 1862.
The first diet guru, appearing more than a century ago, was William Banting, who actually got his diet from the British ear surgeon William Harvey.